Sunday, February 21, 2010

More Fabric for P&K

Just purchased this BEAUTIFUL FABRIC for P&K's quilt from an Etsy store called Whipstitch. I had previously bought some fabric there, and the experience was kind of so-so (10+ days of waiting for the fabric to arrive, plus a misunderstanding regarding the order). Long story short, I ended up leaving a polite, but honest review. I ended up pressing the negative button by accident; I meant to leave a neutral review, but had a headache and was trying not to look at the screen for very long.

The lady felt so badly that I had left a negative review that she offered to refund my shipping costs! I refused this offer, since I'm about 80% positive that the reason the fabric isn't here is the freak weather in the south right now that is shutting down federal buildings (including mail), and explained that hadn't meant to leave a bad review! I changed my listing to be positive, since she had been so accommodating for me. She was still bummed that I had only had a so-so experience, so she ended up giving me store credit!

And so, I bought this fabric for P&K's quilt:

It's from Tula Pink's line Hushabye, called Dragonfly in Aqua. I left the picture bigger so you could see the pretty design in it! It will be perfect in this quilt, I think. And I bought a WHOLE YARD OF IT! How much did I pay for a yard of this beauteous DESIGNER fabric? 2 bucks, plus shipping. Thank you Deb!

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