Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dear Blogosphere,

How do I make my bobbin tension not get all tangly? I have an old Kenmore machine (a 14, I think?). I've tried EVERYTHING I can think of. Really. I've tried every single tension setting. I've tried all the different stitches with every tension setting.

Maybe I'm doing something really wrong. Maybe it needs to be cleaned and oiled. I haven't had it for very long; it came used from a garage sale, then sat in my step-aunt's kitty filled house. Maybe there's a whole lot of hair in my machine that I can't even see.

Help. Please Help.

<3 Meg

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  1. Hello! I have never adjusted the bobbin tension, only the top tension, but if you get troule the first thing you try is
    Rethread the bobbin
    Rethread the top thread
    Change the needle
    Remove any lint that you can on your own

    Sewing machines usually need a drop of oil every now and then, but I don't think that would influence the thread tension, only the noise.