Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Student Teaching...

... is plodding on. I come home every day exhausted and stressed out. Every single day I plan on coming home and doing some sewing to wind down. Every day I get my small sewing bag from my upstairs room and bring it into the living room in preparation. And every day I get sidetracked with the internet, or with baking.

I'm a stress-baker; needless to say, my high school classes are reaping the benefits. One class has had baked goods every class for the last 3 classes (homemade cinnamon buns, leftover cake, and giant lemon-blackberry scones)! It's a small class (4 kids!), which is why baking for them is kind of perfect. I don't need to make a big batch or use a lot of energy and resources to make sure everyone gets some.

Anywho. When I do get around to sewing, it always is such a relaxing thing. I'm really glad I decided to do the piecing of this quilt by hand instead of waiting until I can afford to have my machine fixed. I don't have a sewing area, so when my machine was working, I had to constantly be bringing it up and down stairs to be able to use it on a table. Sitting in front of the TV with my sewing in hand literally melts the stress off. I wish I did it more.

Silly lesson plans. Don't they know I have a WIP?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hexagon Love

Hexagons are a trend that seem to be flooding the online quilting community. As a lover of hand-sewing, this seemed like the perfect project for me! I had some leftover Little Folks 2.5" squares, so I traced the hexagons from my computer screen onto paper, cut them out, basted the hexes, and sewed to my little heart's content.

I'm pretty happy with how it came out :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm Still Here...

... but I'm currently student teaching.

For those people who don't know what that is: Student teaching is a form of an internship that is required in order to get a teaching certification in college. You basically are a teacher that's paying to be one. I'm exhausted, but getting through it.

I am sewing, but I'm sewing a big project. That will take a long time to finish. Because I'll be damned if I didn't decide that I'm now a hand-sewer when it comes to quilts.

I'll update with pictures again, soon. Promise.