Sunday, February 14, 2010

Little Folks Quilt

I have some big ideas. As I said, I have two quilts in the planning stages. For both, I already have a top planned and am working on acquiring the fabric, little by little. One is for me, one isn't.

Since the one that isn't for me is going to be the one I'm working on the most in the next couple of months (maybe it'll be faster than that... we'll see), I thought I'd tell you about the one I'm going to be making for myself. Eventually.

When Anna Maria Horner came out with her Little Folks line, I fell in love. I was brand new in the virtual sewing community and I fell in love with her use of color and pattern, especially in the Midnight colorway. And so, I decided that I would like to make a quilt for myself from her cotton voiles, as a memory of my first steps towards being a *real* quilter.

Here's what the Midnight colorway looks like:

I know. It's amazing. I already have two half-yard cuts that I got on sale, and a plan for my quilt top. It's going to be very simple, just normal blocks, quilted diagonally. I think I'm going to do the back in an interesting way, but I need to think about it a little more, first.

Ok Mom, what do you think? Like the colors and prints? Obviously I won't be getting the all fabrics for a while yet, but I like the idea of the plan.

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