Saturday, March 10, 2012


I finished my swoon. And I am in love.
The front, before washing

The back!

It's currently at Mom's being washed now. I cannot wait for it to come back all wonderful and crinkly :)

On another note, being a part of the Swoon-a-Long group was a totally new experience for me. I had never done a quilt-a-long, and had never really participated on flickr. This group changed everything. Everyone was so encouraging, and the hostess, Katy, was so wonderful. She commented on every. single. picture. I posted to the group, with such encouraging things to say. I couldn't have had a better experience with it. Thank you so much Katy!!

Quilt 1 out of 5 for 2012: Check. And this one is staying with me!

A Goal, Accomplished

Wow, I actually accomplished one of my goals! And it's only March!

The goal I accomplished? Make a wearable piece of clothing. I made a tank top for my mom from the Wiksten tank pattern. I want to make one for myself, but as the pattern does not come in plus sizes, I decided to make one from a size that's suggested before I go modifying it. My mom is a perfect medium, and a lover of all things I've ever made (she still has macaroni art in a box saved for memories sake).

Annnddd so. Wiksten tank pattern + Moda Crossweave in Storm = fabulous tank top that I personally think doesn't look handmade. Which was totally the goal. Check!

Full disclosure: I had totally forgotten this was a goal when I made it. And it honestly feels kind of amazing to have accomplished it, even though I had forgotten.