Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Goals!

I figure I might as well set some goals for this coming year. Because that's what the new year is for!

Crafty Goals:
  1. Finish the Little Folks quilt
  2. On that note, finish 5 (at least crib-sized) quilts this year. I did 3 this year, and I didn't even get a sewing machine until August, so that seems pretty doable to me.
  3. Make ONE wearable piece of clothing. Even if it's for one of the babies. One piece of clothing that doesn't necessarily look handmade.
  4. Use my craftiness to decorate my apartment in a way that I feel satisfied with. I feel like I accomplished that fairly well around Christmas time, given my budget ($0), and I'd like to continue that throughout the year. This is not limited to sewing or fabric.
  5. Make more presents for my loved ones. Again, I did pretty well this Christmas, and I'd like to continue that.

Life Goals:
  1. Cook at least 1 meal a week from scratch. They don't have to be perfect, or low-calorie/carb/fat/sodium or whatever. Just from scratch. I'll get to the rest.
  2. Start saving money for whatever is next in store, be it moving, a new car, a vacation, or some other unexpected thing.
  3. Make more time for myself. A lot of my time I spend focused on other people. Even crafting is usually for someone else. I need to learn that it's ok to spend time that just for me. Maybe take a vacation with myself at some point.
  4. Spend more time with California family, whether it be via Skype, phone, or an actual vacation. It just needs to happen.
  5. Just be healthier. I don't care about losing weight. Yes, I'm solidly a plus-sized woman, but I like who I am and I don't need to be skinny to feel happy about myself. I just think that everyone could be a little healthier.
  6. Do something new. Maybe learn a new skill, take a language class, something. I miss learning, and I'd love to get back into that.
  7. Project 365. Here's to hoping I don't give up on this one in a week.

I think that'll work well. For now.