Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Refinished Old Navy Dress

I bought this Old Navy dress at Goodwill for 3 bucks. It fit me pretty well, but the spaghetti straps do NOT work on a DD girl like me.

Also, the (absurdly long) straps that tied around the back seemed to only accentuate the fact that I'm not terribly skinny. They had to go. Here's what the dress started like (the bottom ruffle is my favorite part):

I decided that my first clothing attempt should be for me, but that I should use a 3 dollar article of clothing (you know, just in case). So, I cut off the ties, doubled them for support in lieu of interfacing, and turned them into straps. Result: much thicker, more appropriate straps.

Ahhhh. That's better.

And now I have a cute summer dress for days off at Wo. :)

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