Wednesday, March 3, 2010


So, some of you may be wondering why exactly my step-dad would want curtains for his birthday. Let me explain.

My step-dad LOVES Corvettes. He owns a cherry red '77 that he has been restoring, little by little, for 8 years now. He works as a carpenter. He redid our entire basement, covered the ugly concrete walls in refinished, stained wood. We have a pool table, a foosball table, a mini bar, and a gym. And this basement is COVERED in Corvettes.

He mentioned to me earlier this week that he'd really like some black curtains for the basement. His 50th birthday is on March 15th, and I won't be there to celebrate with him. So it was only fair that he get his present early. He's very particular about what he wants, especially in the basement, so I told him ahead of time that this would be his present, and got his feedback at every step of the process. Here is the result:

Did I mention that he REALLY REALLY likes Corvettes? And that's only one wall.

I used black duck cloth from Joann's (G specified that the curtains shouldn't be able to let light in). They measure roughly 20" by 53".

Happy 50th birthday G!!!

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