Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Student Teaching...

... is plodding on. I come home every day exhausted and stressed out. Every single day I plan on coming home and doing some sewing to wind down. Every day I get my small sewing bag from my upstairs room and bring it into the living room in preparation. And every day I get sidetracked with the internet, or with baking.

I'm a stress-baker; needless to say, my high school classes are reaping the benefits. One class has had baked goods every class for the last 3 classes (homemade cinnamon buns, leftover cake, and giant lemon-blackberry scones)! It's a small class (4 kids!), which is why baking for them is kind of perfect. I don't need to make a big batch or use a lot of energy and resources to make sure everyone gets some.

Anywho. When I do get around to sewing, it always is such a relaxing thing. I'm really glad I decided to do the piecing of this quilt by hand instead of waiting until I can afford to have my machine fixed. I don't have a sewing area, so when my machine was working, I had to constantly be bringing it up and down stairs to be able to use it on a table. Sitting in front of the TV with my sewing in hand literally melts the stress off. I wish I did it more.

Silly lesson plans. Don't they know I have a WIP?

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  1. Your class is so lucky to have a teacher who bake for them!!
    Hand sewing really is very relaxing so enjoy it whan you feel up to it, and bake or put your feet up when you need to. Teaching can be exhausting.-)