Thursday, September 15, 2011

Receiving Blankets

(Bean's quilt, Baby H's receiving blanket, and Bean's burp cloths)

I've made two of AMH's receiving blankets so far; one for Baby H, and one for Bean. I'm not wonderful at sewing the binding on properly (I can't get both sides to be straight!), but I'm overall quite happy with how they've turned out!

Unfortunately, I only have a picture of Baby H's, as Bean's is packed snugly away in my hospital bag to bring to them when K has the baby. But something is better than nothing, right? Of course right!

I gave H's blanket to my step-sister D on Labor day. D and I have had an interesting past; as kids we didn't get along. As teenagers, we had a distant respect for each other. When we were forced around each other, we were friendly. Sometimes we spent some time together. But we were always STEP-sisters. I never felt close with D, or like she ever really considered me, my brother, and my mother to be part of her family.

But as soon as she had L, everything changed. She's loving, she's gracious, she's wonderful to be around. I genuinely enjoy spending time with her. I love making things for her; both her and J absolutely gush over anything I've made, thanking me 1000 times for the thought, using whatever it is as often as they can. For the AMH blanket, D&J have both thanked me at least twice, and commented to my mom how wonderful the blanket is and how much they appreciate it.

My mom says it's hard not to love someone who loves your kid so much. We definitely love L. He's basically my favorite person. Seriously, how can you not love this?

L, can you give Auntie a big smile?

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