Sunday, February 13, 2011

Taking the Plunge

I'm cheap. A tightwad on a good day, but cheap when it all comes down to it. At least when it comes to spending for myself. I don't like to spend extra money, even on really little things. Movies? No way, too expensive! That pair of shoes that I'm in love with? Not practical, I'll never wear them. If there's a deal to be found, I'll find it. I pride myself on consistently feeding myself weekly in under 40 dollars.

But when I see fabric that I looovvveee, I'm sunk. No project in mind? Who cares?! I just spend he equivalent in my grocery budget on fabric. On 2 yards total of fabric. Two half yards from one shop plus shipping, and one yard from another shop plus shipping. It's 'spensive fabric. Nope, not Liberty of London. You can still find that. Far Far Away II by Heather Ross.

I've had my eye on this fabric since it came out, but I could never justify the cost since it is rather expensive. But I just found out I'm having another niece or nephew, and another sib has resumed trying. And I already have a boy quilt planned out. So, I got two of those FFA2 prints on sale. Score, good job Meg. Way to continue in your tightwad ways.

And then, all of a sudden, I was searching for Roses in Dusk (my absolute favorite of the line), and I couldn't find it anywhere! Not at any of my primary shops, not at any of my secondary shops. I was a mad woman. Frantic. I had to have this print. The collection I have in my head just would NOT be complete without this print! This print is what attracted me to the line in the first place. What do you mean it's sold out everywhere?! Someone must have it! WHERE IS IT?!

I found it, though. At a tiny little etsy shop. I found it. And I paid 18 dollars for 1 yard of it (shipping inclusive). I've never paid that much for one piece of fabric before. And dammit, I'm okay with it. Because even if neither couple has a girl, I know there'll be more to come. If there's one thing my world could use a little bit more of, it's babies.

Although I'm having trouble with the fact that I just spent 40 dollars. But I worked overtime this week (50 hours for the win), so I'm pretty sure I'll get over it.

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