Thursday, May 27, 2010

All Quiet on the Sewing Front

Sorry there haven't been posts as of late. Subbing has kept me busy, and a healthy fear of cutting into and then sewing together my precious Little Folks fabric has kept me away from my machine.

I did start sewing together some rows of LF a few days ago. My machine promptly then decided to stop working (I think the needle threader hates me, as do all of the tension settings). While part of me is super disappointed, there's another part of me that would just rather be handsewing it all anyway. I'm much better at it, I get much less frustrated, and I think that the product lasts longer when properly stitched by hand (I'm going to research this soon, for proof of my theory). But then I remember that there are 118 blocks to that quilt. And I'm not so sure I'd like to tackle something like that. We'll see. I might take the machine in first to see how much it'd be to repair it.

One adventure I have partaken in! I want to have a pieced backing for this quilt, so I cut out (too many) 2.5" squares. Because of the overflow of those squares, I decided to jump on the bandwagon. I started a paper-pieced hexagon pillow that will match my beauteous quilt.

The hexagons are all basted and pieced; I just have to determine what size pillow this will be, and the general construction of the thing. I lurve the LF fabric all together; seriously, this square could not be any cuter. Pictures soooooooon.

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